Oxford Station is a vital gateway to Oxford however it is in need of significant upgrading, both in terms of operational performance and passenger provision. Plans to redevelop the station have intensified in the past few years as it has become evident that its long-term needs will soon outstrip its capacity.

The Government announced in summer 2012 its intention to provide further investment in the national rail network. In particular it proposed an electric spine from the South Coast to the Midlands and beyond. Included in this proposal is significant investment at Oxford Station to increase track and platform capacity.

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council have since formed a partnership with Network Rail to prepare a masterplan which will outline the long-term vision for the station taking into account all rail proposals, such as Electrification, the Oxford Corridor Capacity Improvement scheme, the East-West rail link (including Phase 1 - the link from Oxford to London Marylebone via Bicester) and the Oxford Area Signalling Renewal Scheme. The intention of the partners is to deliver a new multi-modal interchange station that not only meets Oxford's long-term rail requirements but is of a quality that befits this important gateway to the city.

With so many organisations preparing to invest in Oxford Station it is imperative that this is done in a coordinated way. The masterplan will ensure each of the proposals complement one another and contribute towards a functional station the city can be proud of. The masterplan will also consider the role of the station in the wider regeneration of the West End, particularly with regard to Frideswide Square, Oxpens, Westgate and the western approach to the city centre, helping to deliver these broader aspirations cost-effectively and with minimum disruption to rail users and residents.

In April 2013 the design consultancy, Aedas, was appointed to develop a number of options for the proposed redevelopment of Oxford Station. As part of the brief Aedas have taken into consideration the wider station area including the forecourt and transport interchange, Becket Street car park, Roger Dudman Way, Botley Road Bridge and the County's proposals for the transformation of Frideswide Square.

Following significant input from stakeholders Aedas has created a number of proposed options for the station redevelopment which were carefully evaluated by Network Rail, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council toward the end of 2013. Aedas's final report is currently being finalised and is expected to be delivered in spring 2014.

For information about public consultation opportunities around the redevelopment of the Railway Station and Frideswide Square, please see our Public Consultation Diary.

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