The West End regeneration programme is expected to span over a decade and incorporate more than 30 individual projects. Oxford's West End has just entered an exciting stage in its evolution with several major regeneration projects coming forward simultaneously: the Westgate Centre, Oxpens, Oxford Station and Frideswide Square - see our Major Projects Plan for details. These projects are part of an overarching vision for the West End and are being managed in parallel by the Oxford Regeneration Partnership.

Whilst none of these projects currently has planning consent, it is crucial for planning purposes that they are being looked at simultaneously and that their cumulative impacts and infrastructure needs are being considered. Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council have been working jointly on proposals for Oxford’s West End for over a decade, recognising the need for coordination of development in the area. The West End Steering Group was established in 2006, bringing together the two councils, landowners and key stakeholders, such as Network Rail and the Westgate Alliance. As construction on these major West End projects comes forward the two local authorities will continue to work closely with the Steering Group and developers to ensure that all work is being coordinated in such a way as to minimise disruption.

Oxford City Council has prepared the Oxford West End Area Action Plan (AAP) to guide future development and change in the West End. The AAP was formally adopted by Oxford City Council as planning policy on 30 June 2008 and outlines a vision for the creation of a vibrant city centre quarter with a mix of uses and facilities, a good network of routes and connections and a distinctive sense of place. The plan identifies the below key aims for projects within the West End regeneration - click on the links below to read more about each of these aims. If you wish to find out about specific projects in more detail, please visit our Development Sites pages.

Need more information? View the supporting documents and maps, or download the West End Area Action Plan in full.