Frideswide Square is a high profile public area in the city. Tens of thousands of cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians pass through each day and it is the first point of welcome for rail passengers arriving in Oxford. 

Oxfordshire County Council is leading a project that will change Frideswide Square from a busy, unwelcoming road junction to a well-managed gateway to the city. Construction work is currently on site with a target completion date of December 2015. Further details can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council Frideswide Square webpage

This work will:

  • improve traffic flow
  • reduce journey times
  • provide a new, attractive public space with better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The transformed gateway to Oxford will be in keeping with its status as a world-class city and is estamted to cost £5.5 million.

The main work involves remodelling the road by removing traffic lights, reducing the amount of road space and providing a significantly enhanced public space. The design of the square has been the subject of a public consultation.

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