In 2010-11 Network Rail looked into the possibility of creating a south-facing platform on part of the Becket Street car park. The new platform was to be used by trains terminating in Oxford from the south, freeing up existing platforms for other services, however it was felt that the scheme did not go far enough in light of increasing demands on the station. A more extensive scheme is now being considered as part of the wider redevelopment of Oxford Railway Station and Frideswide Square.

Oxfordshire County Council's plans to replace the pedestrian and cycle bridge over Botley Road toward Becket Street with a more substantial covered walkway have also been incorporated into a more comprehensive masterplan for the area. The masterplan will outline the long-term vision for the station taking into account all rail proposals, such as electrification, the creation of the Evergreen 3 link from Oxford to London Marylebone via Bicester, and the East-West rail link.

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